Eeeeks Steeks!!!!!


I will be teaching my Eeeeks Steeks class March 25th from 9-12 at the Art Room in Ligonier, PA. I hope you can join me.

This class is the continuation of my Stranded Color Work class. With this class you will learn to cut your knitting and will be able to knit all the beautiful Fair Isle and Norwegian sweaters you have been dreaming of.

Please respond to my email, if you would like to join us for all the fun. Thanks.

Eeeek, STEEKS!!!!

By Heidi Todd Kozar



Steeks are the secret ingredient of the glorious Fair Isle and Stranded Colorwork garments everyone loves. Steeks are the bridge of stitches that are reinforced and then CUT open. Steeks will free you if you hate to purl, even if you never plan to knit a stranded color work garment. In this class we will look at various methods of steeking, how to reinforce our steeks, the frightening cutting and the beautiful finishing of our steeks. Steeks can be used in stranded color work or just to facilitate knitting in the round. We will discuss the placement of steeks within a garment. At the end of this class you will be cutting your knitting with abandon.

Class limited to 12.

Supplies Needed: Two light colored, worsted weight WOOL yarns and appropriately sized circular or double pointed needles. Sewing scissors, a crochet hook to correspond to the weight of the yarn and a tapestry needle.

Homework: Knit a 6” x 6” stockinette stitch swatch in worsted weight WOOL. MUST BE WOOL!!!

Knitting Level: Intermediate. Should be comfortable knitting in the round. Color work knowledge is not necessary.

Price: $40.00 per student

Join us March 25th from 9 am to noon at the Art Room in Ligonier. Please register by email at by March 20th.

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