It’s all about the BABY

img_6512img_6534img_6565img_6582img_6597img_6585img_6472img_6469img_6461img_6567img_6528img_6513James is getting all the knitting love this year. I have taken to calling her my muse. I have had quite a bit of fun dressing this little girl in all the knits. The top design is made with Swans Island Fingering weight in various colors (the pink is a Koigu pale pink I had on hand). The last two designs are made with Koigu. I watch her five days a week and our house is chilly so to be sure she takes a nice long nap I want her to be as cozy as possible. The top design is her Easter sweater and I think she looks smashing and also seems to like it, which is always good for the knitwear designer. The Swans Island is lovely (as, of course, is the Koigu) I hope to be using it again, maybe in something for me.

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2 Responses to It’s all about the BABY

  1. those sweaters are masterpieces! The baby, it goes without saying, is beautiful

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