All the joy!!!

So my girls were very sneaky this Christmas. They dressed themselves, their children and one of their husbands in all the knits I have made for them over the last few years, then they pranced around on one of the coldest days this winter, photographing all the shenanigans. Then they made a book just for me! It is perhaps the most beautiful and thoughtful gift I have ever received. Caty is a fabulous photographer and my grandkids are pretty adorable. There are quite a few so think I will only share a few at a time. Special on so many levels. Thank you, I LOVE it!oh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_068_1oh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_065-1oh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_053oh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_063oh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_061oh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_059oh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_057oh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_051oh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_050boh_knitwear_embraceable-ewe_047-1

5 Comments on “All the joy!!!

  1. Heidi that was a wonderful gift! Beautiful photography! Beautiful family and of course the knits were wonderful!!! Your a lucky gramma!!!!!

    Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family!!!!

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  2. Hi Heidi. I am new to your blog. It is great. I really enjoyed the photos of your family & of your knitting. It did make me a little heartsick when I saw the baby chicks. I got rid of all 40 of my girls about 5 years ago. I had 20 mixed rooster & hen bantams & 20 full sized hens. I miss them so bad but it had gotten to be so much work for me. I had a heart attack in 2009 & the winters were especially hard after that. At the township meeting I had really wanted to thank Rich for bringing me the eggs. Thank you for them. They were so very good. I was sick when he was here & I ate a couple of them the same day. It made me feel a little better. Just like old times. By the way, my granddaughter Jess Shawley is dating a young farmer from Eighty four PA who raises the heritage Scottish sheep. Jess always wanted one of George Bradish’s but we had already gone through fish, goats, dogs, cats & rabbits. Her dad said that was enough. LOL Now she has her wish. A whole farm full of sheep to play with. The young farmer’s mother does a wool business. I’m not sure if she is into working with it or not. I’ll have to check that out. Again, thank for the eggs. Bonnie Lisbon Shawley

    • Thanks for reading Bonnie. Would love to know the shepherd’s name in Eighty-Four, PA. We shepherds are a small group and the ones who use their wool an even smaller subset. Have been trying to get eggs to you for a few days. My granddaughter is cutting some honker teeth and just when I think I can pop over to you she turns in to a terror who just wants me. Will try again tomorrow morning.

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