A Few of My Favorite Things

I just returned from a two day getaway with a friend to the Virginia Historic Garden Week.  If you love gardens and can get away the third week in April you should make the time. The whole state opens their gardens and homes to welcome one and all. It is put on by the Virginia Garden Club as the largest fundraiser of the year. They in turn use the funds to restore historic gardens around Virginia. I have been going since 2001 and it is one if my favorite rites of Spring. So one with the tour…

The house pictured above was near Middleburg,VA. Jackie O was known to jump a fence or two in this part of the world. (OK, that didn’t come out the way I intended. It is horse country and she lived here for a time.)

This is the back of the same house, crazy dormer, anyone?

and this is the porch.

I loved these espaliered pear trees in one of my favorite gardens. Must copy this at home, although I wonder if our snow loads would destroy a free standing espalier.

A magnificent Japanese Maple in the same garden.

Beautiful container gardens…and the floral displays inside were gorgeous. The women of the various garden clubs create the floral arrangements and they are stunning, but no one is allowed to photograph the interiors.

Wouldn’t you just love to spend an afternoon under this pergola?

A glorious tree peony near Charlottesville.

And because there has been knitting…my new Print of the Wave shawl. Eunny Jang’s pattern made out of Jade Sapphire Cashmere Silk and yes, it is that soft!!! (although the color is a little off here. It is called Wasabi and that’s exactly the color.)

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