Giving Thanks

There was much merriment here as the girls were home and the baby brought her great friends from school. Maria and Aurora fit right in to the festivities at Touchstone Farm. With very little coaxing they were knitting away. At one point my dear husband was the only one in the house without knitting needles clicking. They were so quick and efficient I let them know that if that whole college thing was a bust they could set up shop here as my assistants.

I am sorry, we have no foody shots. Thanks goodness DD#1, the photographer, remembered Mom would probably want some documentation before the hoards arrived. Doesn’t she take beautiful pictures? Trust me the meal was fabo and was much appreciated even by the vegetarian in the crowd.

This was the post Thanksgiving Day activity. Maria began knitting a hat, which she finished that first evening.

My girls look very serious but trust me there was much laughing and giggling. Caty worked on a secret project, Macy whipped out a hat while she shepherded her friends. By the end of the three days Maria had finished a hat and a pair of mittens, which, I am sorry to say, I also didn’t photograph. And Aurora finished a wonderful scarf for a good friend.

All in all a great holiday.

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