Done, Done and Half way Done…

The really big done was that our Caty received her BS in Architecture from Carnegie-Mellon University last weekend. She did this grueling 5 year program in 4 1/2 years and earned University Honors while she was doing it. At CMU University Honors means she made Deans List every semester. Because she graduated in December there was a little question whether she would even come back for the ceremony. We are all so glad she did and we all got to be the proud parents and grandparents of this amazing young woman. Way to go Cate!!!!

Drew ran track the whole 5 years while also studying architecture.
And Cate’s best friend Jen double majored in Architecture and Business. My money is on this generation. Not a slacker in the bunch.

Don’t you love girls with attitude?

A little done that I am personally dancing a happy jig about is this…

This is the pattern a friend asked me to help her with after a knitting class I taught in February.
She bought this pattern and the necessary yarn in Nova Scotia a few years back. She loves this design and wanted to make it to commemorate her trip. This is, I am not kidding, the directions for four rows of knitting.

She asked if there was any way to make this easier to understand. Short of a nuclear holocaust I don’t know if there was anyway to make this easier. I finally gave up trying to decipher the written pattern and just looked at the picture.

Obviously so much easier. Anyway, I studied the picture, threw it down in frustration, came back with renewed vigor, only to scream again, until… I finally buckled down this weekend and did this.

So I am feeling quiet smug right now. I kicked some knitting a** this weekend. I think I might deserve University Honors too.

So I went on and did the math and got her pattern all straightened out, even knit the first four rows to make sure all the math worked and everything was set up correctly. So this baby is absolutely done. (Well, at least my little part of it).

Now the half way done…Macy is on her way across the country and is about half way. Last we heard she was headed to Yellowstone, but that was two days ago. This is a trip she has been talking about for while. When she calls to tell us about her big adventures I can’t tell you how jealous I am. It didn’t help that right before she left she handed me Frances Mayes travel book. Now I am jealous of her and Frances Mayes. Have a blast baby.

2 Comments on “Done, Done and Half way Done…

  1. Knitting and young people in the same blog. You gotta love that. Kudos for keeping up with knitting all year long. I’m a cold season knitter. I knit when the snow flies.

  2. I am with you about the snow flying being the best for knitting. For some reason even though it is 80 degrees here this week I am finishing up a very heavy wool Aran. Full of cables and moss stitch, with all it’s appendages attached, I am working on the last sleeve. Every time I pull it out I wonder why I am not working on a lightweight silk shawl or bamboo socks. Next winter, when it is -5 degrees is when I will be finishing that shawl. Such is life..
    Thanks for visiting and I agree wholeheartedly about Blotanical, amazing.

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