Design through Pharmacopia

So, I have been battling a bronchial infection for going on three weeks now and the cocktail of medications prescribed is having very positive effects and not all of them medical. The insomnia induced by the steroid I am taking is life altering. At 1:30 am when I went to bed last night I was sure I could have powered most of the county I live in, I had that much juice. Luckily, for me the steroid does not make me hallucinate just keeps me wide awake with nowhere to go.We have a good friend who hallucinates like mad when he has to take this particular drug.I just had that one dream about of in-Vitro babies but I am thinking that was a normal reaction to the birth of octuplets in California.

No, my reaction is much more productive. I have designed a new hat and wristwarmer pattern, another pair of Valentine Day wristwarmers for a friend and the correct way to finish an Aran that has been giving me issues, some new lace shawls, three new garden beds, an herb garden design and a flier to send to prospective gardening clients. Then after I solved the economic crisis and contemplated World Domination I dosed off for a few hours. Wide awake again at 4:00 am I considered just getting up and getting on with my designs. The doctor’s orders that I need rest did nothing to calm my speeding mind but I did force myself to stay in bed for a few more hours.

Now if my fingers will fly as fast as my mind did. I am not recommending or condoning any kind of pharmacological intervention on the days you have nothing in the design bag but I will let you know where this goes.

Another interesting side effect of the drug soup is the possibility of tendon damage (and I won’t even go into the exorbitant unfunded cost of this antibiotic by my overpaid Health Insurance company, that is a rant for another day). My doctor, whom I love, started me on the steroid before he knew how resistant this particular bacteria was. Once started you can’t stop steroids so here I sit, afraid to blow a tendon (are there tendons in our brains??) while my Weight Watchers butt gets bigger everyday. I can’t wait to take a deep breathe and get back on my bike.

I will keep you posted about all these designs…

Franklin was commenting the other day about his “process”,describing how his workspace looks while in the middle of the “process”.

I thought I would share a shot of my desk which is clean for the first time in months. Of course, now that I actually see the photo it looks like the workspace of a demented mind who doesn’t know her way around of a vacuum but to me it is a vast improvement.

My girls can attest to the fact that this is pretty neat for mom.

Here is a little germ of an idea. I’ll let you know if it grows into a full blown bacteria.

And here is my Brooklyntweed shot of a new Aran for Mace. OK one real slap in the face of these drugs, aside from the obvious inability to type, is that I cannot think upside down and circularly. I had the great idea of working St. Patrick from A Fine Fleece from the top down, with a nod to Janet Szabo. Everything went along swimmingly until i got to the join the front and back and work down circularly point. Four attempts later I threw in the towel and proceeded with each portion done separately. Now I am not a girl who minds seaming so this is not a huge problem and after the time I invested in trying to keep the cables twisting at the appropriate times and rounds where they didn’t have to twist, and the appropriate rows and keep the cables going in the right twist when they are upside down. OK so I admit I am not the Omnipotent leader of all my knitting. I put the front back on one needle and I got my groove on again. Humbling, I tell you, humbling.

Pretty, huh? Whadda think, Mace?

2 Comments on “Design through Pharmacopia

  1. Love it! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for patterns for those newborn baby hats, you know, the caps? I haven’t seen one and wondered if you could recommend a pattern? Thanks and I’ll check back.

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