26th Anniversary

The best part of being an empty-nester…we can vacation in the Fall, our favorite time of year. (Really, we do miss you girls, but not the school schedule that dictated our lives for so many years.)

Smith Point Beach, Nantucket, MA

I love this “Big Sky” shot. We live in the woods of PA most of the year so this expanse of blue sky is breathtaking.

The little harbor in front of our cottage.

And this is how old married folks celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary. Scalloping for Nantucket Bay scallops (the best in the world), shucking scallops and eating scallops. We were told it was an awful year for family scalloping which is done with a push rake in shallow water. But my intrepid husband would not be deterred and scouted until he found the goods and we were able to make our limit for the week. We ate plenty while on the island and brought enough back to share with the girls and some friends.

There was knitting, lots of knitting.

Wait for it…the magic that is lace. Ta da!!!!

This is Fleece Artist Merino, don’t know the color. I gave the ball band to Chris at Sheep to Shore when I was on the island. Maybe Fleece Artist will be showing up on their shelves in the near future. This is a little something I made up using Medium Stitch 21 from Knitting Stitches by Mary Webb. This is a great stitch dictionary I picked up at Michell’s Book Corner on the island
300 stitch patterns, all graphed ina small book so easy to carry when traveling. Love it.

Another lace scarf.

Socks that Rock Lightweight, color Tidal Pool. I played for a long time trying to find a stitch pattern that wasn’t obscured by the stripping of this variegated yarn. I just gave up and went with a simple stockinette stitch sock and am thrilled with the results. DD#2 has already called dibs on these and I thought I was making a pair for myself. Oh well, such is the life of their personal knitter.

Caty’s Vest is nearing completion but I am not happy. This vest has been the bane of my knitting existence for a few months and now when I am so close to finishing … the neckline looks too high. I was going to rip it out and cut the opening further down into the body of the vest but I think I will weave in all the ends and block it first and see if I can’t open it up a little bit that way. If it is still too dorky looking I will rip the ribbing back then. Will this every be done?

Stay tuned for apple pictures.

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