Sweet Tarts, Anyone?

Doesn’t this remind you of Sweet Tarts? This was last month’s Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock That Rock Lightweight Sock club offering. They even included Sweet Tarts in the package. Knowing no one in the family would be interested in “Goody Goody” colored socks, I made a baby blanket for a very good friend’s first grandchild…Selma Grace, welcome to the world. ( I also included Sweet Tarts in the package for mom and dad, the originals are of course all gone.)

Her blankie took 2.5 skeins of “Goody, Goody” Which was ordered one skein at a time because I was sure I had enough each time. It appears I am a very optimistic girl .

While I waited for the second and then the third skein of STR to arrive I also started my version of Baby Mine with 100% Superwash Merino Heavyweight in Color: Quilla. I loved the one the Yarn Harlot designed for Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I think it was loosely based on EZ’s February sweater and so I did my own thing. Knitting it from the bottom up rather than the top down as EZ does. These are shots of it blocking. I also have a hat started to match the little sweater.

The hat should be done tomorrow and then I will have the great reveal of the whole ensemble.

My girls are laughing at me about what their little ones will be sporting if I make all this for a mother I only know peripherally. Actually, she is the older sister of their best friends (yes, sisters are best friends with sisters, and all members of the 4-H… to butcher a great Dixie Chicks song.). She is a baby doll with the most sparkly blue eyes you ever saw. I hope Selma has her mama’s eyes.

In other knitting news I began a scarf for DD#1 out of Sanguine Gryphon’s wonderful sock yarn. This is an awful picture but the scarf looks lovely. It is actually quite beautiful and DD#1 wants it finished soon.

She is feeling very left out because look what I finished for DD#2.

Tah Dah!!!…Tangled Yoke. I love this sweater and if I continue to lose more weight there will be one in my future. I love the Felted Tweed I used for this and DD#2 was very pleased. Hardly took it off before heading back to college, and there were some very hot days in August before she left. Including the day of the photo shoot. Doesn’t she look pretty?

DD#2 also went on a little shopping excursion with me to Knit One in Pittsburgh. I was certain I had taken her there before but from the look in her eyes she obviously was a newbie to the wonders of Knit One. After much ohhing and ahhing, many books perused and yarns petted she stumbled on this little number.

One Skein Wonders gloves from Leigh Radford knit in Noro’s Taiyo Yarn # 3. I whipped these babies out within 2 days. And DD#1 was screaming for her own pair. And frankly so was I. So more yarn has been purchased and as soon as the Selma ensemble is complete there will be more gloves. They look very arty to me.

The garden looked like a dust bowl until this morning’s rain showers. We also have a very fat, happy and smart ground hog, who has avoided all attempts to bring him in alive. But he is doing so much damage to the garden I hate to look. He also must have put out the alert as it seems the deer have figured out a way to jump over the 5′ electrified fence and are munching to their hearts content on all my pole beans, lettuce, and onions. Luckily they are not interested in the tomatoes and there are enough bush beans to share if I pick them quickly. Argh!!!

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