Simple Minded

Very nosy hens checking out the new guys on the block.

and little, baby hens who are sticking together for protection. They are getting along better but it is always a good idea to keep the youngsters separated until they can fend for themselves. The older girls just kind of push them around now, letting them know who is boss. Talk about a pecking order, sheesh!

The glads are looking especially nice this year. These gladiola corms have been in the ground for about 5 years now. I never dig them up and I have armload’s of gladiolas every year. I also have some dahlias in this bed in my vegetable garden that return every year. We are zone 5 so I am not sure how this happens but the dahlias must be very happy. This makes me a very happy and lazy gardener. I have never been too good at the whole lifting and storing thing with dahlias. I don’t have a garage that stays the right temperature and they always seem to dry up because I forget to mist them over the winter. I have had much more success with this method of storage, although I know it is not correct. So far it is working for me.

I must be the most simple minded person on the planet. I can’t tell you how much pleasure I have received from this old wash tub and a ten dollar deer chaser water pump feature. I really want a water feature. I am certainly not water deprived here at Touchstone Farm. We have two very large ponds, two smaller ponds and a lovely swimming pool. You would think that would be enough. Obviously my inner island girl comes out in the summer and I must have water everywhere.

This fills the bill and doesn’t make me want to run to the bathroom. It is also great entertainment for one year olds. See, simple minds.

I know I have said how much I love long garden shots of the design of a garden. I still think that way but my garden looks for s#@* right now, and the flowers look amazing up close, so…

Obligatory bloom shots.

Tithonia I started from seed. The plants are about 4 feet tall. I will definitely be starting this again and putting it in a sunnier border next summer.

This is a beautiful day lily, Hemerocallis ” Catherine ?” Of course the plant label bleached out before I could record the exact name of this day lily. It is purply and very pretty.

Great Oriental Lillies and the fragrance is to die for.

Hemerocallis “Barbara Mitchell”

OK, I take it back the bloom shots are sexy and oh so pretty.

Girls…look what daddy did this morning.

There will be pie!!!!

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