Month: July 2008

Simple Minded

Very nosy hens checking out the new guys on the block. and little, baby hens who are sticking together for protection. They are getting along better but it is always a good idea to keep the youngsters separated until they can fend for themselves.… Continue Reading “Simple Minded”


Arghhh! I found them as soon as I posted the last entry. Anyway here are the shots of the newest baby sweater pictures for my friend’s daughter’s baby boy, Jude. His mother lost a little girl almost a year ago so he really is… Continue Reading “Oops”

2008 Botanical Garden Tour: Part 2

More gratuitous garden pictures from the Botanical Garden Tour 2008. This is a water locust. The original cutting for this locust is believed to be 2,000 years old. My girlfriend threatened to yank a piece out of the pond and take it home with… Continue Reading “2008 Botanical Garden Tour: Part 2”

This is how we spend our weekends.

This is what a try-athlete looks like before his first Olympic length Triathlon. This is what he looks like coming in from the last leg of his first Triathlon. Pretty cute, huh? My honey finished this race 6th in his age group. Which is… Continue Reading “This is how we spend our weekends.”

2008 Botanicla Garden Tour: Part 1

(Warning: a very picture heavy post) So I have finished the baby sweater. This is the sweater for the first grandchild of a very good friend. Her daughter, this baby’s mother, was a favorite babysitter for my girls when they were just wee ones.… Continue Reading “2008 Botanicla Garden Tour: Part 1”

Little of this and a little of that

There has been some knitting, but so much more gardening. So maybe we will start with that. I love garden blogs that show the long shots of the garden not just close ups of the pretty flowers. I am always curious about the design… Continue Reading “Little of this and a little of that”


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